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Discussion on: Micro Frontends 101 👨🏻‍🏫

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There is a simple universal rule about micro frontends: Don't do it unless you absolutely MUST go this way. Only if there isn't any other solution (or there is one that is insanely expensive) - only then go for micro frontends, or otherwise you will regret dearly. Either you or the people who will end up maintaining this... or DevOps/sysadmins will come after you. Don't do it just because you believe the application is too big and you can do this using random language in a better way or because you think compile time takes too long. Deploying and maintaining one big application is way easier than 10-20 different small services. Figuring where the problem is (and there always are some problems) is much harder if you have to go over 10 different logs and figure out what comes first and what comes after it...