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My Vim Journey :)

This all started when the pandemic began and we started working from home. At that time, I thought of learning something cool which would allow me to upskill my editing ability as well as becoming a good developer.

So one of my teammates told me about Vim and all of the good stuff about it!! I knew about Vim but the only thing I knew was opening it by mistake and then trying to quit it (which I think is most of the new guys 🀣).

I started seeing some screencasts and videos on youtube videos to see what all the fuss is about. After seeing all features of vim, I thought of giving it a try!! (Thank God I did this! πŸ˜†).
After setting up Vim and using it felt a bit different and difficult at the same time. But as I started using it in most of my development work like in Xcode using XVim2, Chrome using Vimium, and Vim with its awesome plugins, I got a hang of it. Then as I was progressing, my teammate told me about this great book Practical Vim. So I started going through all the exercises and code in it, and as I was trying everything I got excited to see how I can do my previous work in no time using this modal editing which is like a whole new realm for me.

After learning all this (after 1.5 months), I started using vim for my office work too, and I saw a huge time gap between the work that previously used to take hours but now took mere minutes. πŸ˜„

While I was seeing all the screencast and talks from youtube, I got to know about this Vim Screencast pl by Greg Hurrell. As I went through this playlist, I got to know about how cool the vim is and how I can even optimize my workflow even more.

For me, the journey has just started as I am still trying to learn out vim every week for making my work fun, easy, and efficient!

Thank you all reading!! πŸ˜„ πŸ™ƒ 😊
(PS: This is my first ever post on any kind of technical thing)

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