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Amazing Post Cory.
I've been trying to figure out multi tenant Saas applications with Django . But my one question has always been with infrastructure. Does this mean that every new instance of the multitenant saas app spins up a new server instance or kubernetes cluster?


Thanks Desmond!

Re multi-tenancy, it depends on how you architect it. This book is a good starting point. If you go with one of the simpler options like the shared database / shared schema approach then you don't need to worry about infrastructure. But if you go all the way to "completely isolated tenants using Docker" then yeah - you need to do quite a lot of devops to get things working!


I really appreciate your helpπŸ™


Awesome, thank for the book recommandation also.

I have similar issue but with database design. Actually i am separating tenant via schemas and i am using AWS i feel like with this GDPR law i will have to store "EU tenant" informations in a database within an EU region but i have no clue of how to do this separation (knowing that there is some informations in the shared tenant ).
Any idea please ?

Hmm, that's not something I have much experience with. I imagine you could "fork" the tenant at the app-level (e.g. set up a clone at eu.myapp.com) or the DB-level (where I guess you'd have to route app-layer traffic based on a chosen user setting), with varying tradeoffs.

The former has the advantage of having the whole backend be colocated and in the EU which should help with performance, but comes with the operational overhead of maintaining two sites. The latter would maybe be a simpler set up for the end-user but introduce more latency behind the web server if you're making DB requests across an ocean.

Hope that helps!

Yeah thank you. I will dive into those path to know more.

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