re: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity? VIEW POST


For me it's Angular. Haven't tried it since version 1.x, and won't even bother again.

I personally like React, but love React Native. It's so easy to make prototypings with RN, and it's multiplatform by default.

Also wanted to break a lance in favor of Docker here. If you are in need to develop anything that involves database and a backend, docker is just the best. Need postgres? 2 files with less than 10 lines you've got it. Same for mongo/mysql/redis... Need node backend? You can download an alpine image and install node to it with a single line of code.

Of course there are some gotchas that you have to come up with. But nothing like handson experience.


fully agree) for me Angular break my lovely rule KISS

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