What are the best questions you can ask as an interviewee?

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When you are interviewing for a job, what are some of the best questions you can ask to determine that if the company is a good fit for you?

This is a great way to communicate what you're looking for in a company. It's one of the few times you have almost full control in the interview. Not to mention, it can show the company that you are taking this as seriously as they (hopefully) are.

Some of mine include:

  • What is the turnover rate at your company?

    Turn over is normal for any company, but I'm always wary of companies that have a high turnover rate or claim to have a very low or non-existent turn over. Some companies can be very upfront with having a high turn over rate, whether it's their industry or their culture.

  • Do you and your colleagues spend time together outside of work?

    Or "Do you and your team eat lunch together often?" This (hopefully) conveys I'm looking for a good/healthy work relationship with my future coworkers.

  • Is there an opportunity for mentorship at your company?

    Not a requirement, but it shows that a company has an interest in their employee's growth in their positions, skills, etc.

  • Is there an opportunity for continued education?

    Working in tech, we are dealing with constant changes in languages, tools, and applications. Most companies I've interviewed with either provide a stipend or will subsidize classes, courses, and conferences. Again, not a deal breaker, but it shows the company is willing to invest in its employees.

GIF: one man asks "what are your qualifications?" the next man asks "what are YOUR qualifications?" with an emphasis on the your. The first man shakes his head.

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  • How does your company make the world a better place?
    What is the point in running a company that does not benefit the society, except of becoming rich? And do you want to work for someone who only runs the company the benefit him/herself?

  • How do your company values affect the daily work life?
    let them talk about the company values/mission/vision. If those don't effect the day-to-day work they are not the true core-values, but only marketing talk.

Try to see the interview as double-side-interview. You want a job and you apply to the company, but the company applies also to you, they want a good employee.


I've asked this question before
'Is there an opportunity for continued education?'

And the answer that makes me groan is
'Well there is pluralsight subscription that comes with MSDN'

... and thats it. no conferences, no letting you work from home to attend 'virtually'. nothing. :(


And another one...why do you join the company?

  • Shows your confidence and make the company sells to you, instead of interviewee being the sales person for her/himself