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Hey there!

I've jumped around between roles in engineering and upper management a couple of times and I often find myself wondering if I've made the right choice (went back to pure engineering again recently). I enjoy building things a lot more than I do management, but one of the things I really loved as a manager was building and nourishing a great team. At times I found management very stressful and sometimes lost sleep wondering if I made the right choice.

Since you've been doing this for a lot longer than I have, how do you do it? How do you handle switching between these roles every once in a while? How do you handle the stress of management?


Sorry for my late answer...
How I do switch from one role to another. Well, it was always happening very naturally. In the last company I entered in a Developer Position, then there was a clear need to have somebody doing agile coaching and then I got somehow in that role, also beeing PO, then they needed a team leader for a newly built department etc. Same in the actual company. I entered as a PO, now I'm leading development. And it really happened kind of accidentally.
Sometimes this is very good. Sometimes, like in an actual company, it's not and one of the reasons I'm open for new opportunities, that time 100% remote, as dev/consultant.

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