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re: Want to write future safe code for the future web? Let me help you with Web Components VIEW POST

re: But I'm afraid in business these tools are mandatory in modern JavaScript. Learn node to do but not limited to server side development, not that ...

HTML imports are an excellent idea. It was perhaps not a great specification. But keep in mind it was the fact that browsers were going to be implementing ES Modules more than issues with HTML Imports that got in the way. That some of the same problems had to be solved with both and that they covered similar use cases. There was a sentiment: first, do this with the lower level, less abstract, ES Modules and then come back to the higher level, more abstract, HTML module and import feature better informed.

Browser vendors and engineers are making the mistake of forgetting that pandering to business interests is probably not what catapulted the web to millions of users. If it had been who the web was giving priority to designing for, obsfucation, data mining, and DRM would have been big priorities built in from the start.

import foo from './bar/baz.html'
import foo from './bar/baz.css'
import foo from './bar/baz.json' ⚰️
<link rel="import" type="text/html"> ⚰️

This is the state of imports as worked on right now, I believe there may be an image import also. As for my opinion, I am trying out lit-html to see what I can do with the bear 🐻 minimum.

Yeah, since some new standards now have bigcorp sponsorships, and one particular bigcorp is inventing straight up web/user-hostile platforms from monopoly position, i guess pretty soon diversity will play much bigger role.

I dont know if it was such a big deal in other countries, but in mine, everyone was switching to Firefox like crazy ~10 years ago and 46% of users are using *AdBlock.

This rebellion against a giant greedy corp. usually needs a match on gasoline, like latest moves to kill adblocks in chrome.

  • Some kind of adblock, not necessairly "AdBlock Plus".

(I've gotten the impression that HTML Imports from the Polymer days are definitely dropped and succeeded by...HTML Modules? And some other stuff, maybe. I dunno if that's what it looks like, been too busy to take a look. But "some kind of HTML imports, not necessarily 'HTML Imports.'")

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