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Discussion on: I went from PHP to a Senior C#/.NET Dev in 2 years.

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Well i kinda had the same experiance, im a 4 years old PHP Developer now and i decided to learn Go because it does the job php does but better and faster, when i sent my CV i said i was applying for PHP Job but they seen the "Go" line and asked me to work in Go, i was like "but i've way better experiance with PHP" and didn't want to say that i was new to Go like i literally had only 1 program which was some accounts checker program (which was actually good, i even made a Gui and a proxy option haha), but at the end it was super easy to adapt, i ended up writing super professional go codes just after reading a book (the book is "the way to go" the best golang book in my opinion)

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Going from one language to another is rather easy. Learning the new syntax is a matter of a few days and from then on you just need to adapt to the different mentality, which usually isn't that hard unless you're switching between completely OO and completely Functional code.