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Discussion on: How to never touch your mouse again 🐭

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Olivier Guimbal Author • Edited

I agree, there are things that have greater impact on your productivity to learn.
But my experience was that at one point, when I started to really master most of the technology I use, not breaking my flow started to matter, and mouse was harming that.
Moreover, its not only about productivity, its about comfort. And sometimes, both are related.

As @leob mentioned, when I write "never touch", I dont really mean "never", but rather "almost never when writing code". We're not dealing with a lot of shortcuts to learn there, its only kind of arrow keys that you would place in the middle of your keyboard, plus a handful of other really useful stuff I do quite often (launching unit tests, ...). It's quite fast to learn, and it really changed the way I write code.

But again, I agree, there is an invisible line somewhere not to be crossed between "enough shortcuts" and "too many shortcuts", and I believe there is no one good answer for where it lies. I guess it depends on your feeling and your experience.