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Discussion on: The Perils of Remote Work

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Olivier Guimbal • Edited

Nice article !

In the light of all that, what do you think of partially remote work ? (except that it can slide to fully-onsite work)

For instance, I'm a manager (CTO), used to work remotely and isolated from buggers every morning. I found that I'm more productive that way. Having some time alone.
What would you think of blindly generalizing that ?

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Well, since I personally love remote work, I think what you're describing makes total sense. But at the risk of picking nits, I'll also say that such a scenario isn't really what I think of as "remote work". It feels more to me like "escaping distractions".

Of course, the distinction probably doesn't matter. If it works for you, then you should embrace it (and so should your employer/client/customer).