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re: I'm a very creative kind-of guy (or at least that's what I think about myself). Having my first encounter with programming language at the age of 9...

thought of programming and various other virtual and creative goods as an endless playground with limitless possibilities

This is also what sustains me in coding. The limitless possibilities that you lies at your fingertips. That I can also use to serve others or to build something for yourself.

I've visited your personal site I'm really inspired to build such a beautiful website like this. I wonder if you use some third party api for you blog posts?


Thanks for kind words. As for the site, there's only 3rd party notifications service if that's what you wanted to hear. Besides that, the blog is based on Ghost platform and the theme is a custom version of this OSS theme. Still, I'm planning on redesigning it from the ground up. 😉

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