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Discussion on: Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way - behind the scenes

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Olivier Jacques

Thanks for sharing Aurélie ! This is very thorough work, and quite inspiring for me / the rest of us.
As a newbie sketchnoter too, I also recognize the courage to do this (maybe not you, but definitely me!).
In one conference where I was a speaker (Agile Online) during "confinement", I met Romain Couturier, an Agile coach (you may know him already) who happens to train people (in French) on sketchnoting / scribing / talk and draw. I'm just done (tonight) with 5 weeks remote training where I enjoyed every bit. Just in case you are interested.
And congratulations again for your work!

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Aurélie Vache

Thanks Olivier.
Can you talk me more about this training? (On Twitter PM?)