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check out this - eev.ee/blog/2012/04/09/php-a-fract...

some of it is not valid anymore, but gives you perspective, from where and from which mindset php is coming. And even though latest version might report another performance boost, and opcache became usable in cli commands (basically any non-web background processes) there is no php webserver - it relies on nginx, so no gRPC server, for example. As well as almost nothing from background processing or reactive/async patterns are available (kafka connectivity for example). PHP is still fine for Drupal/Wordpress, but if you are starting your own project, its very likely that sooner or later you would need something more than templating engine (which php at its core essentially is))), and here you will be dissapointed by what this platform can bring to the table.

As alternatives for web-based projects I would name Ruby + Rails or Python and Flask, if you want to start fast, and virtually any all-purpose stack, if you are fine with learning it first (its extremely simple to start with ror or python, but this should not make you think its easy to handle complicated design descisions)


The first two lines of the blog told me everything I need to know about writer... "Iā€™m cranky. I complain about a lot of things." This hardly seems like an unbiased approach to reviewing a language.

Your main point about it relying on a web server. I think most languages do and don't come bundled with one. Java (a very popular web language) relies on an external web server as well.


its a pity that first two lines draw you away from a darn good writeup. anyway, my point was more about php not being able to run its own production-grade webserver, rather than having or not having built-in one per se

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