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What I meant is that in the age of cloud and SaaS you can have DB instance with little maintenance overhead - of course, you would need some DBA skills in your team, but its miles away from “traditional” database admin guy. Data-wise there are techniques like domain-driven design with notion of bounded contexts, that allow you to define, which data writes belong to which service (team, product), and what are transaction boundaries (if any). With this knowledge you can split data by services, replicate data from other services as read-only (as in event-based or event-driven setup, not mysql binlog replication) and include DB/data managent in your team. At this moment all your infrastucture and its config can be moved to your git repo, as in Infrastructure as a Code, and DB timeout parameter becomes part of yet another pull request to be deployed by you (or, ideally, your CD pipeline)

Gotcha, thanks for the explanation! You make some good points.

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