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Discussion on: Electron alternative: Announcing vue-nodegui ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’š

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Mike Oliver

Unless I am missing something, if you compile your program with QT5 non commercial, that is GPL licensed, and your program would be as well . . . and it could not be effectively used in commercial products (at least by me). It would also mean your MIT license would not work. Am I missing something?

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Shubham Zanwar Author

vue-nodegui is a vue renderer for nodegui and we don't directly interface with Qt. However, even with nodegui, the Qt code is not modified and only linked to dynamically - thereby keeping us in compliance with the LGPL licence from Qt.

Checkout this thread from the author of nodegui:

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Edwin Marroquin <devemloop>

How to use vue-router ?