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Discussion on: Basics of Object Design - Part One

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Oliver Mensah Author

Can you show your proposed solution in code? I mean that of the second method, bootstrapping.

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Bajzáth Dávid • Edited

I wrote PHP code years ago, but I forgot it does not have nested classes like Java, that is what I was referencing with "make the FileLogger constructor only visible to that class", but you can do a similar thing if you make the constructor protected and move the Factory class to the same package.

final class FileLogger{
    private $logFilePath;
    protected function __construct(string $logFilePath){
        $this->logFilePath = $logFilePath;
    public function log(): void{


final class FileLoggerFactory {

    public function create(string $logFilePath): FileLogger {
        return new FileLogger($logFilePath);

    private function ensureLogFileExists(string $logFilePath): void{
        if (is_file($logFilePath)) {
        $logFileDirectory = dirname($logFilePath);
        if (!is_dir($logFileDirectory)) {
            // create the directory if it doesn't exist yet
            mkdir($logFileDirectory, 0777, true);

Also, I am new here and I have no idea how to have syntax highlight :(

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Oliver Mensah Author • Edited

I have seen the approach as well. Thanks. So allowing the Factory object to new up the object.

For the code highlighting, you can use
langauge(php, js, py, etc)