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Discussion on: What programming language should I learn next?

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OliverRadini • Edited

Ruby is probably just as closed as any other language in its actual use scope - from what I've seen, it's for rails, and other usages are a little niche. Glad to be corrected on that, but if C# is 'closed scope' so is Ruby.

Python is very flexible and relatively simple to get started with. I don't know as any other non-javascript languages really do packages in the same way as npm, and that might be a good thing, you'd learn a lot from finding out the pros/cons of the different ways of managing packages.

It depends what your goals are but I think most developers would benefit from having experience with either C# or Java. They're massively popular and are used all over the place. You'd also learn something about OOP in the process.

You should probably consider a functional language if you want to take your abilities further. You don't have to use the concepts you'll learn, but it's very beneficial to gain new perspectives.

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Jan Küster Author

Thanks a lot. I think I have to reconsider and review again. I will Update that Post soon.