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Discussion on: 16 Simple Tips to Boost Your Productivity x10

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Oliver Stevenson • Edited

Ah yes, I should've been clearer. The way I have it set in my email program (because my work uses outlook) is that only unread messages appear in my main inbox, and I have to explicitly mark them as read - so a little like archiving in modern web email clients. Except it eliminates this idea that the read state matters if you haven't dealt with it and it's still kicking around your inbox.

If space is a problem you can always delete big attachments before you start deleting emails.

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Maxi Contieri Author

We are in 2020. If space is a problem get another provider :)

I used to send mails in the early 90s and then space WAS indeed a problem on local servers with 10 MB HD. Not anymore!

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Oliver Stevenson

Haha, I'll make sure to forward your comment to our IT department ;).