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Discussion on: I Got Tired of Being Un-Informed | Not Anymore

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Ben Coleman • Edited

I rather miss USENET before it was largely abandoned to the spammers. Using tools like Free Agent, you could easily handle a lot of newsgroup reading. You could mark threads to ignore and threads to focus on, and everything you wanted to read was stored locally, so that going from one message to the next was fast (as opposed to having to pull each message down as you asked for it, which, when you've gotten used to local message storage, adds a noticeable lag, and increases the time it takes to read). RSS feeds to wildly different web sites isn't nearly as pleasant.

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Jason C. McDonald

I dunno...I'm on several groups that aren't abandoned to the spammers. comp.lang.python is awesome. You should check it out again. The few spammers that are there are easily handled with a few well-placed plonks. ;)

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