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re: How often do people actually write in functional style in Python though? OOP/imperative is still the first thing most Python programmers will learn.

Because imperative code is much closer to how human brain works. Line by line. FP is a bit difficult from the beginning because it forces to think in a different way. That's why it is always easier to start with imperative coding. However, if the tool also provides the possibility to write declarative code there is a chance developers try it. Java cuts this possibility making new developers OOP oriented only.

You've got a point. I totally agree that more people should learn FP. But learning declarative in an imperative-first language means that if you can't solve it in declarative there's a big chance you fall back into your comfort zone. If you are looking to learn declarative for educational purposes you're better off choosing an functional-first language. Programmers are expected to learn multiple languages eventually.

I'm not saying to not learn Python first. My point is that these so-called "multi-paradigm" languages are still very much focused on imperative (most of them at least), and choosing Python for the sake of it isn't a good reason.

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