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Code Innovation Series 2021 and Goodies :)

Winning Code Innovation series

So where do we begin with....

It all began with our college CSEA collaborated with incubateind.

It was an hackathon..
Submission criteria was simple and straight. Fork a github repo and submit your project there. Since it was powered by Github

Themes of hackathon were health/Medical , Education/Learning and Fintech

Since only two days were provided for the hackathon and with no team, I obviously chose fintech because I had past experience with it.


  • My idea was simple too. Predict the stocks of a company and tell company when to sell or buy stocks based on their previous stock data.

  • okay okay ! I won't go deep into the details of the project. But I can vaguely tell you about how I got second runner up prize!

  • I used moving averages and exponential moving averages concept in my project to predict when to buy or sell stocks.

  • Tools and Languages used were Jupyter Notebook and Python

  • Stock Data is taken from yfinance which is available as pip package.

So After coding and all is done, I forked the github repo and submitted the project. Only 5 projects were selected for jury round.

Here is the link to all those 5-projects

Coming to jury round, I made a presentation using google slides. Again I tried to keep it simple too. I included explanation about the algorithm used, room for development etc

And at last 3 teams were selected and I was third runner-up. The other two teams' themes were Education/Learning.

All the three teams were provided with Github goodies and Free tickets to github workshops too.

Tricks/tips I learn't in hackathon :

  1. Do something that you are good at
  2. Teams are good but If you think you can do it alone go for it, because it will save a lot of time
  3. Keep your code simple and stupid
  4. Be confident and cool

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