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Discussion on: Storing tokens in single-page applications

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Omar Atta

With Http-only you are still vulnerable to self-XSS, any browse extension, for example, could send requests to your server as the authenticated user. How should we deal with it?

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Paul Arah

Embed CRSF tokens your Auth tokens payload and also save the CSRF tokens in local storage. Then on the server, verify the CRSF token in the payload against the CRSF token retrieved from local storage. This completely isolates you from both types of attack.

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You pray to your God for protection.

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Bjørn Lindholm Author

That's a tricky one. One way could be to store the cookie in memory with a limited scope

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Milad Ranjbar

actually ur vulnerable to CSRF, if using the cookie with HTTP-only but u can use a package csurf to solve this problem.