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How to find exactly what you search for on LinkedIn

I'm sure that a lot of us have used the LinkedIn job search functionality a few times. But have you felt frustrated that a lot of the times, even with specific filters, you still get undesired results?

Say, you're looking for GoLang jobs, but end up with mixed results containing other languages like PHP, Python, etc.

This is time-consuming and effort-wasting. But not anymore, with LinkedIn's Boolean Search feature.

It applies the same logical operators used in programming: AND, OR, NOT in addition to the quotes for exact matches.

If you were like me, a nodejs developer interested in full stack(backend-heavy) opportunities, then your query might look something like this(as shown in the photo):

(node OR nodejs OR "node js" OR "Node.js" OR nestjs OR expressjs) AND (remote OR remotely) NOT (ruby OR php OR go OR rust OR asp OR OR c# OR rails OR Selenium OR WebDriver OR "Java" OR "java")

Don't forget to adjust the rest of the filters from the menu; such as
Sort by: Recent
Date Posted: Past Week

or whatever you prefer.

In the end, I leave you with the official LinkedIn document explaining all possible modifiers:

And the help page for Boolean Search on LinkedIn Help:

You're welcome :)

Boolean Search Example

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