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Trying to adopt good habits before I actually need them.

I have a side project I'm working on with my friend. We don't need user stories, for example - maybe a simpler to do would do. But I'm adamant to create them. Other than learning (that's a win in itself) we may come to a point where bringing on another person is necessary because he/she has the expertise to get that feature over the finish line. My thought: if we have these things in place prior to, it'll be way more efficient to onboard (like my fancy word??) lol.

But I try to do this with building relationships (that's a whole other post), and a few other areas.

Don't mind me, though - I come from a Disaster Recovery background..... prep before you need something is what you are supposed to do. I'm just getting around to personally practicing that paradigm. (sigh)

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