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Introducing Learn Talks - Awesome conference and meetup talks

Hi, it's Khoa here. I'm so glad to finally launch LearnTalks, in order to help others and myself to catch up with new conference and meetup talks.
The website is featured on Product Hunt at 😇

Being one who is extremely passionate about making things and writing , I also love to learn about every new thing in tech. Tech moves so fast, what we learn today may be deprecated very soon, and only continuous learning can keep us move forward. Tech conference and meetup are best places to learn about new things and tips, although there are some rises and falls ..., they are still growing and provides valuable resources for lots of people.

There are lots of conferences and meetups that one can't go to all, this can give fear of missing out feeling.
Fortunately people are kind enough to always publish videos publicly so others can learn from. I have been for a long time curating a list... to keep track of all cool videos, but it get out of hand very quickly.

That's why I make as a convenient place to search and explore new tech talks. The features include

  • Easy search for talk, author and event
  • See upcoming events
  • Explore tags of topics and technologies
  • Mobile friendly

Firstly, thanks to all the people who helped me alpha test the website and provided valuable feedback. I addressed and fixed many issues.
And thanks a lot to many conference organisers who gave me a yes, support and encouragement promptly after I sent emails. Thanks a lot for spending your free time organising cool events and sharing the videos to the community. I really appreciate.

This website is just a curation to videos, it does not repost or claim copyright of any of the videos. And there are links back to conference and meetup pages. It is free to use and has no commercial purpose.

Hope you find the website useful as I do. There are of course many things needed to improve, I'm looking forward to receiving feedbacks and support from you ❤️ If there are any issues or copyright violations, please feel free to drop me a message.

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