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What I built

A simple, ephemeral file-sharing service.

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Volafile helps you share files privately. You can upload a file and get a unique download link that's known only to you and other people you might share it with.

You can optionally add another layer of secrecy with a password. That way, if you accidentally share your download link in the wrong places, your private files don't suddenly become publicly available. Any one with the link will need that password before they can access your file(s).

At the moment, each upload automatically expires after 24 hours, so any attempts to download your file(s) after that time will fail and your files are permanently deleted.

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Firefox Send was a lovely service before it was taken down. It was great to have a way to securely make anonymous, short-lived file shares. Volafile is inspired by the late Firefox Send.

How I built it

Volafile currently runs as a traditional web app in 1+ Docker containers on DigitalOcean's App Platform. It also uses a MySQL database based on DigitalOcean's managed database service and stores uploaded files with Spaces.

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