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OpenNMS Meridian 2019.1.2 (Earth) Released

Benjamin Reed
Developer at OpenNMS by day, member of SIBR and the Seattle Garages by night.
Originally published at on ・2 min read

Release 2019.1.2 is the third release in the Meridian 2019 series.

It contains a number of alarm classification bug fixes and performance improvements, flow enhancements, and more.

The codename for 2019.1.2 is Earth.

  • possible issue in JCIFS Monitor - contiously increase of threads - finally heap dump (Issue NMS-12407)
  • Wrong links in the Help/Support page (Issue NMS-12418)
  • Classification Engine reload causes OOM when defining a bunch of rules (Issue NMS-12429)
  • Cannot define a specific layer in topology app URL (Issue NMS-12431)
  • Classification UI: Error responses are not shown properly (Issue NMS-12432)
  • Classification Engine: The end of the range is excluded, which is not intuitive (Issue NMS-12433)
  • Ticket-creating automations are incorrectly enabled by default (Issue NMS-12439)
  • Enable downtime model-based node deletion to happen when unmanaged interfaces exist (Issue NMS-12442)
  • Improve alarmd Drools engine performance by using STREAM mode (Issue NMS-12455)
  • Refactoring of the Cassandra installation instructions (Issue NMS-12397)
  • Allow telemetry flows to balance across Kafka partitions (Issue NMS-12427)
  • Add system test for IpfixTcpParser (Issue NMS-12434)
  • Associate exporter node using Observation Domain Id (Issue NMS-12435)

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