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Installing git on windows

So, we took a quick tour on the subject of git and GitHub. Herein we'll get to the real deal of installing git on our machine 💻. You might wanna power your computer it's show time 😉.

Installing git for Windows

  1. Head over to

  2. Click the download link for Windows and allow the download to complete download git

  3. Browse to the download location (or use the download shortcut in your browser). Double-click the file to extract and launch the installer
    Image description.

  4. Proceed to install the downloaded package
    Image description.

  5. Read and accept end user agreement.
    Image description

  6. After this the installer Will ask series of questions starting with, installation location. Be sure to stick to the default (unless you're feeling adventurous), click next or press Enter on your keyboard.

  7. Finally you should have
    Installing git on windows.

If all go well, cheers to us! We have just installed git on your machine 🍻

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