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Discussion on: SQLite Rocks and Here's Why

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Oras Al-Kubaisi

Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I didn't know that SQLite was used in production. I used it for testing locally in dev environments.

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Wesley Ameling

I actually encountered an issue with this. I updated a migration once to have a char(8) and accidentally updated a field to a string with 9 characters. Locally testing it with SQLite threw no errors, but on the CI my tests were failing and I couldn't figure out why.

Personal lesson learned: use the same rdbms as on production while testing.

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Dimitri Merejkowsky • Edited on

It works great for this use case but it also works well in production.

It's also used pretty often for mobile apps.

And, in case you never read it, you might enjoy How SQLite is tested :)