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MCP61SM-AM WinFlash BIOS update warning!

Adam Mateusz Brożyński
・1 min read

This applies to BIOS update on MCP61SM-AM motherboard with bootblock protection enabled in BIOS (in my case Acer Aspire T180). The one and only official update available on Acer website is R01-C0 from 2008/12/09.


  • You have bootblock protection enabled in BIOS settings
  • WinFlash shows that bootblock is hardware protected and BIOS update fails
  • If you reboot (DO NOT DO THIS!) your motherboard will be bricked and your only hope would be BIOS chip replacement

Source of a problem:

  • WinFlash won't check if BIOS bootblock is protected before starting update procedure
  • Bootblock is being updated after all other blocks so you end up with error and unusable mixed-up BIOS
  • Why anyone would make a BIOS flash utility to work in such a stupid way?


  • If you hopefully haven't rebooted your PC yet, open a backup of your old BIOS version in WinFlash
  • Check everything to update except a bootblock
  • Click reboot after update is done
  • Enter BIOS and disable bootblock protection
  • Update BIOS in WinFlash

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