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Thanks for the great article! One remark: I would not put the actual twitter token inside the JWT. If the interaction is over plain HTTP, the token can be easily intercepted. I would suggest adding the Secure flag to the cookie. tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6265#sectio... The best would be to store only the user/session id in the JWT because it is unpredictable where the data leaks eventually.

Also, in my opinion, the expiration for JWTs is a must. Otherwise, the token gives a forever access to the service. I would highlight that.


Excellent point, Alex! I'll update my lecture and code on this as it clearly would be a potential leak. What do you think about using a constantly changing identifier on the session as I mentioned in the reply above?


I think that would work for the session/client-auth use case. I mostly use JWTs in a distributed system where a token is an authorization to access a specific service (also backend-to-backend). For this use case, I always need the user ID in the token. Constantly changing identifier would be problematic to use because the service does not have access to the session or user data usually.

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