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Ornio´s truths

When creating Ornio's values, the goal was to be able to utilize the values for own development and better collaboration. The values ​​should function as a set of rules in the workplace, and if challenges arose, the values ​​should put us back on track. For our partners and customers, the values ​​should show what we stand for and how we want to deliver our best - and so it has worked. Whether it's potential customers or colleagues, we have four truths that we value highly. Within my own field, I want to shed light on our four truths and how we want to market ourselves in the future.

We innovate

The first truth is that our services and products should not be available everywhere. We want to constantly develop and improve, so that we are at the top of every wave. For marketing, this truth will stand for how we continuously want to find new ways to engage, communicate and be creative. We want to be regularly updated and create solutions for how we can reach the target group in the best possible way. Social media is constantly growing, and every day new trends are created. It is therefore very important to have an interest in the subject and the challenges the market offers.

We are committed

We are committed to delivering a unique product that we at Ornio are proud to present. This requires cooperation and loyalty, both internally and externally in the company. As an interdisciplinary team, it is therefore important to share knowledge to achieve results and utilize our burning interest in achieving the goals. Commitment involves, among other things, maintaining deadlines, fulfilling wishes and keeping agreements. We at Ornio use this truth to constantly remind ourselves that we are committed, for ourselves and others, to do our best.

We are credible

The third truth is that we should be trustworthy and sincere at all times. For social media, this is a central value, where we want to convey sincere information and commitment in what we post. Nothing should be done halfway or feel wrong. For us, it is important that our followers and customers feel safe and taken care of, in the information we provide. Within the team, it is this value that makes us good, in that honesty makes the products and service better. Because if one does not show honesty, we will not be challenged by each other to do a better job.

We're excellent

This is a truth we are proud of. We at Ornio are good at what we do because we are a team. By learning from each other, collaborating, sharing knowledge and praising each other, we will always grow for the better. Knowledge is challenged by constantly new courses, collaboration is improved with weekly team building and patience is challenged with an eternally long period of home office in the pandemic.


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