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How to redirect COM port in Virtual Machine - 2019 full guide

Virtualization provides us a simple and efficient way to use multiple OS environments on the identical pc. By running a virtual machine on your current OS, you get the flexibility to test out different operating systems, access software system or applications designed for them, produce OS backups, etc. What’s convenient is that you just solely need one set of physical resources, like CPU and RAM and disk drive space.

Virtual machine serial port

If you have got a serial printer, modem or any other COM-based peripheral connected to your local computer and need to attach this device to your virtual machine, you'll be able to do that via a virtual com port. want to know a way to change a COM port in a virtual machine? Well, it all depends on the virtualization software system you use. Some virtualization apps allow you to connect to your host’s serial devices when you just create some additional configurations, whereas alternative solutions supply no access to physical serial ports of the host pc unless you use a dedicated third-party tool operating over the network.

In this article, I’ll describe several common strategies to change COM port redirection in a virtual machine.

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