re: Are login forms that ask for your username and password on two different pages more secure? VIEW POST


My opinion is that this trend is the result of Cargo Cult Security: the others are doing it, so it must be more secure. So when people ask me why I am doing it, I will tell them, without further justification, that it’s for security, and they will in turn believe that it’s more secure.

Another possible explanation is that it’s a misunderstanding of the meaning of the term “2-step verification.” The login form asks for your username and password in two different steps, and we all know (believe?) that 2-step verification is more secure.


I doubt it's a misunderstanding of "2-step authentication" because even big companies (like Google) are doing it, I'm pretty sure they know the difference.

Maybe it's just a design trend, I don't know, but either way it's annoying as hell.


IDK, LastPass seems to be doing fine with it.

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