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This all so true! My advice is: adopt a dog. He'll force you to go outside, I can't count all the bugs I solved during the daily walk.
He stays under my desk during the day, warming up my feet and acting as a rubber duck when I'm stuck. At this point he recognizes the sound of the computer shutting down.
He'll be your best friend for all his life and asking nothing in return for his unconditional love.


I couldn't agree with this anymore If I tried, dogs are just the best things on the planet. I work from home once a week and have my dog snoring next to me, I love it, also I take him to work every now and then which just makes everyone happy!

I love that he's also your rubber duck, I'm gonna have to try that, he'll probably just go back to sleep though 😄


Agree! I've a dog too, and It's helping me in every aspect of my life, coding too.

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