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Count Down to Saturday

Some times my blogs get into the 200+ views and some of them ( well more than 50% of them) don't even past the 25 views threshold.

I know why, its got to do with marketing and blog titles. For blogs that I got hundreds of views on, half of all the viewership was from All external referrers

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half of this viewership was from discord, where I would be uploading my blogs into every self-promote section I could.

But I realized:

  1. I will not be able to keep it up
  2. I am barely making any views from each of these discord channels, as that I was in more than 50 averaging about 3 to 2 views, it wasn't very ethical

So I stopped doing that, and really tried to go to channels for a target audience, though in all it did lower my views

And the there was the titles.

I don't want to make the clickbaity, useless information titles on how to add 1 + 1 in JavaScript of how to create a square in CSS. I want to bring content that is useful to me.

But that also means, that my page cant compete with all of these other blogs, that get clicks with these dumb titles.

  • O.T.A

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