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Discussion on: Semicolons in JavaScript: To Use or Not to Use?

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J. A. Whye

I know this is an older article, but I didn't want someone coming here, reading all the comments and thinking, "Oh, everybody uses semicolons, I guess I'd better..."

Not everybody does. Why type something you don't need to?

I program in C# for my job so am required to use semicolons at the end of the lines. But at home when I'm working on something in Lua, or Javascript, I skip the semicolons. They are generally NOT needed so I don't include them.

If your boss says you have to use them, then use them, but otherwise, why bother?

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Rap Mendoza

Hey man, I understand your point - but doesn't it help if you have something less to think about, such as these rules, and focus on the things that actually matters? I mean you can predict better at what would happen in your code without thinking about such rules.

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David Lopez (Argen.)

yes... Why bother writing comments if the compiler / interpreter ignores them?