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Discussion on: Do I need to do private side projects to be/become a professional web developer?

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Owlcowl (he/him) Author

Thanks for pointing out the difference between applying on entry-level vs more expirienced level.

I can understand that most on entry-level feel they need to have a good portfolio of side projects. As you well described there's pressure from different angles.
For me as someone who is from time to time part of interviewing processes I've asked myself how fair it is evaluate someone based on their side projects and I concluded for myself it is not at all. Not all entry-level devs have the time to create a good portfolio of side projects, one reason could be because its a career change.
Since then I'm only using the side projects as a topic to talk about but not to evaluate coding style or anything similar.
I know that view is not common (yet) but I hope with discussions about this topic it becomes a bit more mainstream.

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Karen Carter

I agree, it's not really fair to require everyone to have a huge portfolio and I don't personally require this of candidates either. But listening to people who are on the hunt for their first job, it seems like most employers are requiring more and more out of entry level candidates. It's a huge problem with the industry right now in my opinion. Seems like many candidates are going to be entering the field already burned out, the way things are going.