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Discussion on: Seriously, though. What is a progressive web app?

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It seems like Microsoft wants to make PWAs first-class citizens on Windows. As they announced recently, PWAs there have really tasty features like:

  • The ability to set the dark and light mode. Having access to the API to know whether the color is dark or light gives your app the ability to sort-of blend in🕵️.
  • Web standard for sharing. Your web app can be shared to target, which is actually a big deal.
  • System media controls. You can control certain aspects of your app like volume from the keyboard, just like a native app.
  • Hardware and file system access is a really significant feature too.

Besides, the Dev Center gives you some pretty cool analytics about your web app and integration with the Feedback Hub is nice too.

All this really makes me want to try it out sometime.

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Angel D. Munoz

Yeah! there are a couple UWP apps that I have wrote about here on that I'd like to port into a PWA for the Windows Store, I have a proof of concept for a grocery todo list for my wife and I, but I'd like to do something more insightful like the system media controls and file system access

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