Discussion on: Which Post Title Would You Click On?

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Personally I would only click on (a).

Re (b): Any title containing CAPITALISED WORDS should be banned - they are so condescending, and does nothing for my opinion of the author who feels their opinion is so high and mighty that it requires emphasis in capitals.
Plus, why MUST I know these methods? If I don't know these methods is the author, and their capitalisation, implying that I am lesser a developer/person for not knowing them?

Re (c): So many platforms nowadays are riddled with click bait titles - people desperate for clicks to generate revenue, or to boost an ego with viewing numbers, over actually caring about the content they are trying to deliver.

Re (a): No click-baiting, no implying that I might be lesser a person for not knowing them, just a simple title offering some explanations without prejudice.

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Adam Roynon Author

Thanks for your breakdown, this has really helped me. I totally agree with you here, and I try to create titles like (a) but gaining traction and views is a lot harder. I know if I create a few clickbaity titles they'd do really well, but I don't like the idea of doing that.