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Food Project: Starting from the concept

Disclaimer: This is really more of a personal blog. If things go well and I start to share these documents, perhaps I will come back to clean these up.


This is my first personal project and dev log!

The goal here is to document my thought processes as I work through the project, not only as a way to reflect on decisions I made later down the line, but also to be able to use some of these documents as a guiding light if needed.

Problem Statement

Ratings on Google Maps - as far as I'm aware - are not guided by any sort of recency.

This means even if a restaurant has decreased drastically in quality recently, it may still appear to be highly rated based on its past ratings.

Project Concept

To provide the functionality of isolating the ratings of restaurants within a certain time period rather than over the course of its entire history.

This will allow users to judge a restaurant based on its 'recent' rating, where the acceptable time period is determined by user discretion.

Targeted Core Features:

  1. View a restaurant's rating based on reviews over a specified time period

Targeted Extra Features:

  1. Observe trends in restaurant popularity based on the number of reviews it has received over a specified time period
  2. Observe trends in restaurant quality based on the increases or decreases of rating over a specified time period


  1. Scope of data will be limited to Singapore.
  2. Initial source of data will be limited to Google reviews, and will not include other review sources.
  3. Only observe up to the N most popular restaurants in specific locales around Singapore.
    1. This is mostly due to how Google search and the SERP API works, preventing us from being able to just get data for all restaurants in Singapore.


  1. Scope should be limited so that the initial product can be completed quickly.
  2. Expenditure should be minimized as far as possible, as there is no plan to profit off this project.

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