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re: I miss tea, but have become intolerant (or allergic) to it. Consumes an unhealthy amount of coffee and milk instead. In my opinion, sushi is the be...

Hey Tom, thank you for your response.
I've had sushi once and I am not a fan. Why did you become intolerant to tea?
I have also magically become lactose intolerant, but fortunately there are alternatives.


Tried various tea's, no luck so far finding one i can stomach. Get the same reaction from various fruits (and one vegetable), so as a developer I tried looking into it the same way one would look into a bug: What do tea, citrus fruits and uncooked carrots have in common? Our bodies aren't computers, unfortunately.

If I could, I would puree food and just drink it all up.

Tried Soylent? I tried the european variant, Joylent, for a while. They add too much oats to their mix. It is a very convenient meal when one doesn't want to plan meals but still eat healthy, and drink enough water.

I have not tried Soylent, it's actually the first time I even hear of it. I am also allergic to apricots, plums, peaches, and apples. And I only developed the allergy in my teens.

I spent a while on Huel (same kind of stuff) here in my office. It's alright, actually, and super quick to prepare.

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