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Discussion on: Stay alert

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Paceaux • Edited on

We should all be concerned about Google's near monopoly of the web. It's terrifying.

That aside, I think what we need is a new kind of practice. A "reprecation-fill", if you will, where we create "polyfills" that reinstate what Google has deemed unworthy.

A small library that checks for the existence of alert() and friends, and if they aren't there, it attempts to recreate it with <dialog>. (Of course, that means <dialog> has to be polyfilled, too).

And then we take the "reprecation-fills" and try to put them in some sort of Chrome Extension and/or modernizr toolkit so that we can smooth the transition just a tad.

And then, of course, we burn it all down because we've reached the point in front-end development where we're now qualifying our hellscapes.