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Pachi //Pati (she/her/ela) on March 25, 2020

Hi there you people, How are you all doing? As the positive bee I am, I am doing good :3 Since I started learning to code around 18 months ago, I ... [Read Full]
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Huge improvement! I was working from a TV tray for a while and now I've got a slightly bigger space but not much bigger. For me a laptop stand was necessary. It lifted my screen up to eye level better and then I use my wireless mouse/keyboard. The space under it is where I can store a notebook and pens. I see you've got your laptop lifted a bit but once you get a keyboard one of these might be helpful: Laptop Stand


I totally forgot to mention my laptop stand lol I have one but not as big as yours. Thanks for the tip!


This isn't strictly posture-related, but a coworker of mine recommended this app called Stretchly. It reminds you to take breaks and stretch. It sounds a bit silly, but I found it's been really nice, as so often I get absorbed in things for way too long.


Not silly at all. I am downloading it now lol
Thanks !


That's awesome you're thinking of your posture early on. Your body will thank you! I am definitely ready for a chair upgrade in my home office.


I am not even 30 and already have the worst posture, so I don't want to get worst lol

Thank you!
Hope you find a nice chair :) I really like mine so far


I have a mouse similar to that in my office but is a pain. I start using it and feel pain in my wrist


My coworker started getting really bad wrist cramps a while back, and ended up wearing a brace for a few days to help relieve it. Maybe that would help until you find a mouse that works best for you? Better to start tackling it sooner rather than later!

Anyway, I hope you find something that works for you!


I think having the mousepad with wrist support helps, I have never used that mouse without it.

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