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The Gatsby Masterclass

Published: Oct 2019

Do you want to make the fastest and best React applications? Look no further than Gatsby. This course is the best guide you'll find to learn the Gatsby framework. In it, we will be making a complete blog and online store, from project start to deployment on the web.

Here's what we'll be learning:

A complete blog/online store built entirely with Gatsby and GraphQL, user authentication with multi-factor authentication, content served from the Contentful headless CMS (with blog posts written entirely in markdown), and continuous deployment with Netlify

What will be covered?

How to use GraphQL in great detail, from the GraphiQL IDE to your React/Gatsby client

  • Using GraphQL variables, arguments, fragments, and many more related concepts

  • Sorting and filtering operations in GraphQL queries

  • Utilizing the cloud-hosted headless CMS called Contentful for dead-simple content management

  • Executing queries from Gatsby client with static queries and page queries

  • Amazingly responsive images with Gatsby Image

  • Fetching/managing Gatsby data with Gatsby source plugins

  • Transforming data using Gatsby Transformer plugins

  • Converting markdown data to HTML content with Gatsby

  • Programmatically creating site pages in Gatsby

  • Pagination in Gatsby (Prev/Next links, numbered pagination)

  • User authentication using Netlify Identity

  • Social login with Google, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket providers

  • Multi-factor authentication with account confirmation emails

  • Shopping cart and user purchases with Snipcart

  • Continuous deployment through Git/GitHub with Netlify

  • Routing, nested routes, links, and active links in Gatsby

  • And much more...

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