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Remember this.

  • When you are using UEFI mode, It's recommended that you keep your partition table in GPT format and when you are using Legacy Mode, you keep your partition table in MBR format.

MBR is kind a old and GPT is new thing. Now by default mostly, when you buy laptop it comes with UEFI enabled and if you install Linux in legacy mode and boot it obviously you won't see your Windows because it is in different mode. To boot into windows you need to change from legacy to UEFI.

So you need to install both Windows and Linux in the same mode. That's how you get option to choose while booting.

If your partition format is MBR and you want to convert it to GPT. There are softwares available that can do that. Just google and you will find ton of those.

I have some HDD problems and because of that I can't install any other linux except Ubuntu. Don't know why. But I don't like Ubuntu that much and I want to use Fedora. Currently Windows Sub System for Linux or WSL is working pretty good for me.

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