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First contribution on a react native repo


For release 0.2, we are participating in the Hacktoberfest. I started to search for some issue with the label "good first issue" and I end up with one issue in the heylinda repo.
The issue was Upgrade Expo to the latest version. It was a simple task.

First I fork the repo, then clone it and install all packages needed to run in my local. To run the application I had to do yarn run start. Since it is in react native I need an emulator on my desktop or an IOS or Android phone. I choose to use the expo application in Android to run the application on my phone. After playing around in the application it was time to upgrade expo to the latest version. I run yarn upgrade expo to upgrade expo to the latest version. After upgrading it. I had to re-run the application locally and test the application that it didn't break anything.
When the testing was done I created a pull requested PR#85.

It felt great contributing to someone else repo. Even though the issue was not something complex

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