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Release 0.4 Planning


For the last release, I have to work on something larger and more impactful than anything I have done in the previous three releases. This blog will be separated into 3 other blogs, Release 0.4 - Planning, Release 0.4 - Progress, and Release 0.4 - Release.
In this part, I will talk about finding a project, finding an issue, and planning how to work on an issue.

Looking for a project

I wanted to continue my work on heptagram repository, but the owner switched to a new project and plan to archive the project. So I look to telescope and IPC144.

Looking for an issue

I'm looking for a fullstack issue. It would help me to develop more skills. I found 3 issues:


For issues #2418, I first check where the code is located. I found that the API is located here, and the dashboard is located here
I will think about a design to make it prettier and fit to the rest of the dashboard. To display the status I will fetch from the API and base on the response I will show in green for OK and red for not OK

For issues #2506, I first check where the code is located. I found the HTML for the dashboard is located here and to fetch the data the code is located here The format for displaying the commit will be

(avatar) Full Name 2dc6a97
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where commit sha will be in red and mono font. To display the data I will retrieve commit URL and sha from the fetch data and put it into the HTML.

For issues #113 is to bring all images from into the repo. First of all, I will download all the images then compress them to reduce more the size of the image. After that, I will replace all the links for all markdowns. Then double-check with the original website that everything is correct.

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