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Release 2.9 rethinking about my goal

Which part of Telescope 3.0 do I own?

In the past 2 weeks in telescope, I have been working in Docker, nginx, and oauth. So I guess I'm gonna own those parts.

Which existing Issues are part of this? Which new Issues do I need to file in order to properly describe the work? When will those issues be filed?

Who can I depend on for support in development, debugging, testing, and reviews? I can't do this alone.

@TDDR, is our Docker guy, along @manekenpix, and @humphd who knows most of the telescope part and provide a lot of help.

What are the risks that I see, which could prevent me from getting this shipped?

I think time is a big issue. With my course load specially PRJ class + job hunting + doing research and preparing the document to be able to work in Canada is starting, my schedule is getting filled quickly. I started 2 different side projects at the beginning of the semester utilizing web3, nextjs, and redux, but had to pause them because not enough time.

How will I mitigate these risks?

I think to mitigate those risks. It will be great to find more contributors to have an interest in oauth part and docker. Working as a group is much faster than working alone.

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