What do you hate most about being a developer?

pandaquests profile image pandaquests ・1 min read

... I can't think of any. Most people are complaining about bugs. I do so, too. But secretly I like them. They are like puzzles to me that I can solve. :)

Oh, wait. I don't like flame wars. I enjoy reading the discussion about the pros and cons. But I don't actively engage in them


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I really hate having to estimate the time I'll need for different tasks/projects at work D:
I know it's essential, but it keeps being kinda difficult :)


You should suggest implementing the more agile approach of pointing the complexity of the work instead of estimating a target date! Date estimates are almost always inaccurate and you end up with broken promises and angry clients.


That's a good point. Thanks for reminding me haha 😄


I hate on-call and production errors that need to be fixed, right here and right now. Some people go straight into panic mode, when something bad happens. Also, being in constant state of alert, because you might be called to fix some issue on production, is not my idea of a great weekend.


Unit test, unit test, unit test :)


When you build something and no one uses it. This is incredibly sad. :'-(


I hate when marketing does not let the product team do its work.
These fights always end up the same way : I loose time doing cool code that will be deleted before the release.


People disregarding common-sense, user-focused design and development patterns in favor of "I personally like it this way".